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Tip of the day: Record your rehearsals for a better idea what the weak spots are in the songs!
This is the SSL 4000G I wired at LAVA Room Recording and to my knowledge, was the last one brought to Cleveland.
LIVE recording 2 to 32 tracks -  This is what I love doing the most! Live performances are usually the most exciting and being able to get crowd response just helps transmit the energy into the recording. This is also less complicated and more affordable than actually going into a recording studio to track songs. STUDIO recording -  You can find me at Lava Room Recording because it has some of the finest sounding rooms in the country. Check us out Lava Room Recording CONSULTATION for studio design & studio wiring -  Whether you’re building a studio or just doing an upgrade, the last thing you want is to have to go back and rip out a wall because you forgot a cable pull. Let me help with optimizing your room designs. Analog to Digital Conversion & Tape Baking - We all have old analog tapes that we'd like to get transferred to a digital format for remixing or archival purposes. I have the ability to bake and transfer most tape formats. I can also convert ADAT or D88 tapes to a digital file format (WAV/AIFF)   Contact me with your project details for pricing and availability.


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